Equine. Dirtbike. ATV. UTV. GMV. -- James King, 910-308-8818.
Five Day ATV and Off-Road Motorcycle Combined Course
(70 Hours Min.)

Instructional Topics:

Pre-Trip Planning

Pre-Trip Inspection
Maintenance Kit Suggestions
Vehicle & Equipment Assessment

Making Safety Priority

Preventing the Most Common Liability Issues          

Indoor and Hands-On Field Training
Protective Clothing and Equipment
Proper Braking for All Applications
Safe Riding/Driving Techniques
Towing/Winching/Vehicle Extraction
Speed Control and Safety
Straight Line Travel
Turning, Stopping, Backing, High Speed Driving
Riding/Driving Techniques in Various Terrain

Combined Training Course

Day 3 Cont.

All Day Training:

Training Track

Cross Country Course

ATV Recovery

Climbing and Descending

First Night NVG Training

Day 4

Cross-Country Long Distance Movement

Vehicle Winching and Towing

Second Night NVG Training

Day 5 - Culmination FTX
Operation of ATVs and Dirt Bikes in Rough Terrain

40 Mile Movement of Men and Materials

Point of Instruction

Day 1

Course Outline

Basic Mechanics

  • Dirt Bike Certification

  • ATV Certification

Day 2

  • Dirt Bikes
  • ATVs
  • Utility Vehicles

Day 3

  • Straight Line Travel

  • Turning, Stopping, Backing

  • Weight Distribution and Transfer

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