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Three Day Dirt Bike Course

Instructional Topics:

Pre-Trip Planning

Pre-Trip Inspection
Maintenance Kit Suggestions
Vehicle & Equipment Assessment

Making Safety Priority

Preventing the Most Common Liability Issues          

Indoor and Hands-On Field Training
Protective Clothing and Equipment
Proper Braking for All Applications
Safe Riding/Driving Techniques
Exercising Good Judgement While Riding/Driving
Speed Control and Safety
Straight Line Travel
Turning, Stopping, Backing, Riding/Driving Techniques in Various Terrain

Point of Instruction

Day 1
Basic Repair

Motorcycle Setup

Dirt Bike Certification

Attack and Dynamic Balance Riding Techniques

Day 2
Topics Covered:
        Straight Line Travel

        Turning, Stopping, Backing
        Weight Distribution and Transfer in Challenging Conditions
        Traversing Off Camber Terrain

        Dirt Bike Recovery
        Dirt Bike Loading and Transport

        Operation of Dirt Bikes Under Usage of NVGs

Teaching the fundamentals of dirt bike operation and balance.

Day 3
Culmination FTX

40 Mile Movement through Rugged Terrain

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